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livraison offerte à partir de 150€ d'achats
début de livraison des précommandes le 9 décembre

What is the Nival spirit?

Here at Nival, everything revolves around climbing. Our day-to-day business revolves around climbing and offering you products that are just like you.

We are dedicated to the development of climbing by organizing solidarity events. We help people discover climbing in countries where it is still considered a new sport, because it all started there.

Our inspirations

The big names have shown us the way forward. They have propelled climbing into the limelight and brought this incredible discipline to the attention of as many people as possible.

We're happy to tell you that we take our inspiration from the best to bring you the very best. We are the new generation of responsible brands. Our vision of the future is firmly rooted in sustainable development. 

esprit Nival

Climber Joshua exhausted during the filming of the documentary produced by Nival.

esprit Nival

The original Nival t-shirt produced in June 2020 for the filming of the documentary “Climbing in Huu Lung”.

The origins of Nival

It all started with a t-shirt designed for the filming of a documentary on climbing in Vietnam, Climbing In Huu Lung,in 2020.

Nival was originally created by a French climber (one of the future co-founders of Côté Bloc) to bring communities together and promote climbing in Vietnam.

Nival worked by making films, creating the community group Vietnam Climbing Circle, by organizing events and being published in several local media.

It was a first project to create chalk bags from jacket scraps which encouraged its founder to make Nival an eco-friendly and responsible climbing brand.

Today, Nival is developing in France, maturing its ideas and philosophy to share with you the best possible experience.

The Nival x Côté Bloc ecosystem

Nival, the new generation brand, offers you eco-responsible technical pants for climbing with technicality and comfort.

We are committed to promoting sustainable climbing, using recycled materials and supporting our Nival Charity.

On the other hand, Côté Bloc, our YouTube channel dedicated to climbing, has been promoting the sport and bringing together a passionate community of climbers since 2021.

Our aim is to share our love of climbing through authentic, inspiring and educational content.

Together, Nival and Côté Bloc form a dynamic duo, combining technical expertise with a passion for climbing.

We invite you to join our adventure and share with us unforgettable moments at the top of the mountains and discover our YouTube channel ! !

The Côté Bloc collective (from left to right: Pierre, Valérian, Elioth & Baptiste)

The pof bags will be designed in a small Saigon workshop in March 2021.

esprit Nival

In order: Paul Massad (Push Climbing), Baptiste Rouch (Nival) and Jean Verly (VietClimb) at Huu Lung for the Vietcetera webzine photo.

Vietnam Climbing Circle forum event organized by Nival and Push Climbing in Ho Chi Minh City in December 2020.

Our documentary on climbing in Vietnam.

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